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2023 Imagine This Women's
International Film Festival and Screenplay Competition 

Imagine This Women's International Film Festival's  6th Annual Screenplay Competition will host a Virtual Screenplay Table Reading with Screenwriters and actors from around the world. 


 LADY BIRD meets CATCHER IN THE RYE – As she wavers between championing individuality and seeking acceptance, a 15-year-old girl acts out but fails to recognize that her behavior may have very serious consequences. A semi-accurate recollection of the writer's adolescence.

Marisa Forrest

Greetings From Jamaica

A woman inherits a fortune & plans to meet her favorite actress, but first she takes her eccentric Italian family on a tropical vacation, where her plans for a private romance blow up when the actress shows up at the same resort.

Mari SanGiovanni


It's been two-hundred years since humanity moved underground and 13-year-old Freesia Walls is fed up with living a half-life. Longing to prove to herself, her family, and the Mayor that the brighter future they’ve all hoped for can be reached right now Freesia journeys to the very core of their planet, but is she ready to face all that comes to light when she starts scratching below the surface?

Emerson Tenney

No Address

A group of homeless people bond together as a family, struggling to survive the streets while fending off a harassing gang, an unforgiving community and the local authorities in hopes of finding their humanity again.

Julia Verdin, James Papa

The Last Call

When a 35-year-old enters early menopause, she contemplates taking her life, while a potential love interest tries to change her mind on a tour of a New York comedy club, a luxury sex toy shop, and on a run from the cops. Unfortunately, their optimistic day out has deadly consequences. 

Phenice Arielle


Iconic 1840s pickpocket Sadie “The Goat” Farrell captains a rag-tag crew of river pirates away from the bustling island of Manhattan where her ex-GF, Gallus Mag—a notorious bouncer for rising gangs—is leading a revolution against the bumbling, brand new “NYPD.”

Maggie Scudder

One White Crow

Journalist Tess O’Neill profiles TV medium Judith Knight, who credits Tess's late science-writer father for the connection. Skeptical Tess seeks help from her father's protégé, Alex Rimbaud, a critic of Judith. Despite a past attraction, Alex assists to expose Judith. As Tess delves deeper, she grapples with grief and the blurred line between belief and truth in Judith's "visitations."

Dale Griffiths Stamos


Diane, an elderly Christian woman who lives alone, decides to throw a birthday party for her granddaughter, Angela, who is in rehab. After driving her home from rehab, she tries to connect to her in different ways. Tensions build when Diane tells Angela to put on a dress reminiscent of her childhood, which culminates in a heated argument between the two. 

Amanda Reid 

About Face

After getting kicked out of an elite boarding school, a young Black lesbian finds freedom and herself in the small-town Ball culture of Hartford, Connecticut.

 Robin Cloud


A Black Baptist minister comes out as a trans woman and must confront her mental illness while fighting for acceptance from her video-game-developer daughter.

Shon Keane & Melanie Williams Oram

Pecan Falls

Twenty-year-old Sage Quincy’s accidental pregnancy gives her the chance to marry into the most powerful family in Pecan Falls and save her own family from dying out, but the reappearance of her maternal ancestors as ghosts rekindles old family wounds that throw her whole plan for a loop.

Rachel Billings

Rachel Billings

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