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Preserving Cultural Heritage in the Face of Gentrification: 'Mountains' Shines at Tribeca Festival

What we’re watching at Tribeca Festival:

Mountains, Set in the vibrant neighborhood of Little Haiti in Miami, this cinematic gem tackles the pressing issue of gentrification and its profound impact on a Haitian family and their community. With its thought-provoking storytelling, compelling performances, and authentic cultural representation, 'Mountains' emerged as a standout film at the festival, shedding light on the struggle for identity, heritage, and community amidst urban change.

The film holds immense cultural significance as it sheds light on the complex issues surrounding gentrification and the preservation of cultural heritage. By centering the narrative on the Haitian community in Little Haiti, the film emphasizes the importance of cultural representation and amplifies the voices of marginalized communities facing similar challenges worldwide. 'Mountains' serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about urban development, the displacement of communities, and the need for equitable and inclusive urban planning.

At its core, 'Mountains' delves into the dynamics of a Haitian family as they confront the erasure of their cultural identity in the face of gentrification. The film intricately examines intergenerational conflicts, the search for belonging, and the determination to preserve heritage amidst the changing landscape. Through the characters' personal journeys, 'Mountains' reveals the resilience, strength, and unity that define the Haitian community, offering a testament to the power of cultural identity in times of upheaval.

The performances in 'Mountains' are raw, heartfelt, and deeply affecting. The cast delivers powerful portrayals that resonate with authenticity and emotion. Each character carries the weight of their experiences, reflecting the internal conflicts and external pressures they face amidst gentrification. The actors' performances convey a sense of urgency and determination, allowing the audience to connect with their struggles and empathize with their journey.

Mountains' holds profound cultural significance, serving as a vehicle for storytelling and social commentary. By highlighting the challenges faced by Little Haiti and its residents, the film raises awareness about the often-overlooked consequences of gentrification on marginalized communities. It sparks conversations about the preservation of cultural heritage and prompts viewers to reflect on their own roles in supporting diverse communities.

Co-directed by Monica Sorelle, a Haitian American Filmmaker. A talented and dedicated filmmaker known for her exceptional storytelling skills. Through her films, she explores thought-provoking themes and brings authenticity to the screen. With a keen eye for visual aesthetics and a collaborative approach, Monica Sorelle brings diverse voices and perspectives to her work, creating powerful and impactful narratives.

Director: Monica Sorelle

Writers: Monica Sorelle, Robert Colom

Producer: Robert Colom

The next Screening is Friday, June 16, 5:15 pm at Village East by Angelica Theatre


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