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Summer 2019 Films by Women to Look Out For

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Booksmart (Dir. Olivia Wilde)


If you haven’t read my review on it already, here’s another chance to hear me out when I say that this film by Olivia Wilde changed the game in coming of age films. Both meaningful and fun, and not once did ever try to outdo itself or take itself too seriously. I standby this film as a personal favorite, and highly encourage everyone to see it before it leaves theaters.

The Kitchen (Dir. Andrea Berloff)


Director Andrea Berloff is taking back misogynistic stereotypes in a film that I personally have been looking forward to the most this summer. It stars Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Moss, and Tiffany Hadish as revenge bent women trying their best to survive in the Mafia. Being that Moss and McCarthy are two of my favorite actors, seeing their career progress into this film is something I have been more than excited about. Not only does this film encounter independence in a strictly patriarchal gang, it also pairs that with the ability to be the breadwinner for your family despite stereotypes saying otherwise. I can not wait for its release in August.

Tiffany Hadish, Elizabeth Moss, and Melissa McCarthy in The Kitchen

The Farewell (Dir. Lulu Wang)


Premiering this year at Sundance, A24 produced film by Lulu Wang is known as a “bittersweet comedy” that focuses on Chinese tropes and customs. Starring Awkwafina as Billi, a woman returning to China with her family as a way to say goodbye to their grandmother who only has a few weeks to live. The twist being that this grandmother is the only one unaware of her health. Reviews have been raving about this film’s both comedic and touching moments, and an overall gem that is to be looked forward to this summer. The Farewell is set to release on July 12th.

The Cast of The Farewell

Late Night (Dir. Nisha Ganatra)


Released earlier this month in theaters, director Nisha Ganatra’s film is a comedy that transcends both cultural and generational boundaries. When a late night tv host hires her first and only female staff writer, she begins to learn about the love that she has for comedy and what it means to connect to an audience. What is said to be a heartwarming film is a pure comedy just in time for the summer.

Wine Country (Dir. Amy Poehler)


Amy Poehler’s directorial debut starring some of the funniest women today. Paula Pell, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler star in this film as friends who travel to Napa Valley, California in order to celebrate their friend’s 50th birthday. This film is currently on Netflix and is sincerely a touching tribute to finding oneself again.

Knock Down the House (Dir. Rachel Lears)


A netflix documentary directed by Rachel Lears that takes a look at the most recent congressional campaigns by candidates Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Amy Vilela (NV), Cori Bush (MI), and Paula Jean Swearengin (WV). This documentary gets into the lives of these candidates and shows their groundbreaking fights for a chance in making a change for the better. For those who are invested in today’s political climate (I mean, who isn’t?) this film is the perfect way to get to know the playing field and understand the fight that truly takes place for these women who want to represent their community.

Promo image for Knock Down the House


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