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The Bold Type: Inspiring and Groundbreaking

I watched The Bold Type for the first time in the middle of the pandemic. I was so unsure of what I was doing and didn’t know what I wanted in my future. But, when I saw young intelligent women on screen that were working to and achieving their goals, it changed the way I felt about myself. The joy and empowerment I felt throughout the first season is what kept me watching for the next three seasons to come, and watch the final season as it comes out.

The Bold Type has recently begun releasing its final season on Hulu, one episode at a time. This season has a focus on Sutton as she struggles with her new life, Jane finding her future, and Kat figuring out how to make a difference in the world while also maintaining a job.

This television show follows the life of two millennial women living in New York and working towards their dreams. The show is female created by Sarah Watson and has been directed by seventeen different people. The show features Jane Sloan played by Katie Stevens, Kat Edison played by Aisha Dee, Sutton Brady played by Meghann Fahy, Jacqueline Carlyle played by Melora Hardin, and Richard Hunter played by Sam Page.

The Bold Type manages to do what few other television shows have done, or even tried to attempt, they show a woman’s rise to the top in a world made for men. The show features Jane, a young journalist working hard to achieve her goals with the push of her boss, Sutton, a young stylist trying to break into the world of style by any means necessary, and Kat, a young social media influencer trying to do what is right for the world. Us viewers see it all, their success, their failures, their mistakes, everything. It also shows young women fighting for success in a men’s world.

This show covers everything from immigrations, drugs, breast cancer, divorce, cancel culture, the me too movement, and more. The show tackles all of these issues with a heavy hand, making the issues resonate with anyone willing to listen and make those who have been through each of the issues feel heard and understood.

One of the best characters of the series is Jane. She is a young journalist who works for a magazine called Scarlet. Ever since I watched her in the first episode, her character resonated with me. I’ve always loved writing and had pondered a few different ideas for what to do with my writing, but when I saw this show, I knew I wanted to find a career that included writing.

The show has managed to go on for five seasons with relatively unknown actors. This is because of the show writers' amazing ability to truly capture real-life issues and put them on the big screen without making them seem far away and difficult to understand. This show brought up issues that I had never even considered or thought about like the re-integration of ex-convicts into the world, and the life of a recently divorced person.

Overall, this is one of my favorite shows and by far one of the most inspiring and profound television shows I’ve ever watched. It is something special, that everyone should watch at least one episode of in their life.


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