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Us Again: A Short To Watch

Us Again is a beautiful and heartwarming Disney short about relationships, and the power of growing old together. The short begins by displaying an older man that has lost his joy, he doesn’t want to dance or spend time with his wife, then he steps outside, and feels the rain, getting ready to go back inside because he’s frustrated, and realizes the rain has made him young again. This leads him and his wife on a journey of beautiful dancing before realizing they can still achieve joy in old age.

Us Again is directed by Zach Parrish with music by Pinar Toprak. The short is visually stunning and over the course of the six-minute short takes you to a few beautiful locations. On top of it, the music is fantastic. The short has no dialogue, so the music had to express everything the short was trying to say, with just music, and it did. The only issue I had with it was that at the end, I expected it to be a bit more emotional, but it was just eh, and didn’t bring on any tears.

Overall, it is a short to watch and will make you smile so big for the rest of the day. It has breathtaking choreography that will have you wanting to join in the fun, and beautiful music.


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