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10 Movies to Watch on Disney+ When you Want to Feel Empowered

1. Moana

In this film, Moana, the young chief of her village has always felt a longing for the sea, but when she learns there is an interesting story behind her connection with the sea she realizes she is bound to go on a crazy journey to figure out how to save her village. This story will have you wanting to save the world and tell everyone you know.

2. A Wrinkle in Time

This film follows the life of Meg, who years after losing her father realizes he’s not dead, but is simply entrapped on a mysterious third planet. Meg is then swept into a crazy journey with three interesting guides. The story will make you feel strong and independent every time, without fail.

3. Rogue One

This film follows Jyn Erso as she joins forces to steal the space station's plans for the Rebel Alliance. This story will never fail to bring a few tears to your eyes and make you feel empowered for hours to come.

4. Frozen

Frozen follows the story of two sisters who when they discover one sibling has magical ice powers that randomly go out of control, both siblings are sent on a journey to figure out how to handle the situation while maintaining their relationship. This one will leave you empowered and teary-eyed for at least a couple of hours after.

5. Mulan

This includes both the live-action and cartoon versions of this film. In both of these films, Mulan, the young leading lady, learns her father is bound to return to war after years of service have left him unable to perform at his best, potentially leading to a miserable fate, she steps up and offers to fight for him, but when that idea is shot down, she decides to steal her fathers' gear, and go on her own. All of this leads her on a fascinating journey of pretending to be a man to ensure she doesn’t get caught. This film will have you feeling extremely strong and independent for a couple of days after.

6. Raya and the Last Dragon

This one follows the story of a mighty warrior, Raya on her journey to save the world. This story will leave you feeling so strong and empowered you’ll want to scream it from the rooftops.

7. Anastasia

The film follows Anya on an interesting journey to find her family. She makes a few friends along the way and ultimately realizes the power of her independence and strength. This movie will always make you cry, and feel extremely strong.

8. Captain Marvel

This film follows the story of Carol Danvers, an airforce pilot that ends up randomly inheriting superpowers, and falling into a completely different world and life. The story follows her journey to find her way back to who she used to be, but better. This film will never fail to make you feel empowered.

9. Brave

In this film, Merida, a skilled archer, is caught in a difficult situation when her parents want her to settle down, lead the kingdom, and find a husband. But, Merida doesn’t want that life and wants to follow her own path, which leads her on an interesting adventure to find the life she dreams and rekindle her love with her family. This one will never fail to make you smile and feel empowered.

10. Cars 3

Cars 3 may have a male main character, but this movie follows the story of not only Lightning McQueen, but Cruz Ramirez who ends up being Lightning’s coach. Leading them both on an interesting journey to attempt to beat the top racer. This movie will remind you to drive to best the best version of yourself, and feel extremely strong.


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