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Blow the Man down: An Unforgettable Thriller

Blow the Man Down captures the nostalgic vibe of a shitty hometown matched with a crazy and suspenseful journey of twists and turns that are seemingly predictable and unexpected all at once. The film reveals the importance of sisterhood and the power of strong women who take control.

Sophie Lowe

The film follows the life of Priscilla played by Sophie Lowe and Mary Beth Connolly played by Morgan Saylor, two sisters, grieving the recent death of their mother. After the funeral, Mary Beth gets involved with an awful man, and in an interesting turn of events..accidentally murders him. This leads the two ladies on the journey to not get caught. But the film doesn’t just follow the girls, it ends up leading you on an entirely different journey when another body, a woman's body, is found in the water. The film is directed by Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy and also stars June Squibb, Annette O'Toole, Marceline Hugot, and Margo Martindale.

Blow the Man Down has some of the best acting I've seen in a long time, Sophie Lowe and Morgan Saylor bring the film to life. Each scene will make you hang on the edge of your seat, and feel every ounce of anxiety, fear, and anger the characters are feeling. The acting is so good that after I finished the film, I physically had to take a moment and calm down before even thinking about the movie on a deeper level.

Sophie Lowe and Morgan Saylor

Perhaps some of my favorite moments of the film took place at the end. Everything begins to happen quickly, which was incredible, and gave one last push for my attention before big things started happening. Some of the most suspenseful and unexpected scenes of the film take place right then. Even better, even when I thought I had a few ideas of what may happen next, I was completely off base.

My only grumbling was that because Blow the Man Down is rated R, there are some more ~graphic~ segments (including blood and dead bodies), that are a bit tough to swallow. They never last more than a couple of minutes but are pretty disarming, and if you are squeamish like me, you may have to turn around.

Despite it's small downfalls, one of my favorite segments was anytime when scenes flashed back to men on a fishing boat singing “Blow the Man Down.” The film is amazing but was a lot to swallow at points, and those rare moments where we simply saw a man singing on-screen gave the watcher a moment to calm down and take the moment in.

Three Men sing "Blow the Man Down"

Overall, the film Blow the Man Down was extremely well done. The storyline was interesting and suspenseful, the acting was outstanding, and somehow the story remained both distant yet close to home. If you love a good mystery-thriller you will be sure to adore this one, as it will leave you guessing till the last moment, and even when it ends, you'll still want to know what happens next.


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