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Good Girls: There's Nothing Like Being In A Little Hot Water


With last week’s episode “Chef Boyardee” NBC’S Good Girls is on hiatus until its summer premiere on June 24th. The only suspense worse than waiting for the summer premiere is waiting for NBC to announce whether the popular television series will return for a fifth season.

Good Girls follows the story of three best friends and working moms Beth (Christina Hendricks) Ruby (Retta) and Annie (Mae Whitman) dealing with cheating husbands, unpaid bills, and insurances that don’t cover what they should, these ladies have had enough. This group of besties decides to rob a local grocery store in the hopes of gaining a couple grand to help them sleep at night, but when they end up with over half a million dollars and a visit from a very dangerous (and ruggedly handsome) gang leader (Manny Montana) these moms realize they may have ended up with more than they bargained for.

As it stood in the mid-season finale, Beth, Ruby, and Annie were left trying to fund their own way out of Michigan once secret service backed out of their original deal, leaving our team using Stan’s private parties to get buyers for their knock off bags. Tensions were Mt.Everest-level high between Stan and Beth, awkwardly putting Ruby in the middle. Annie dealt with the financial aid situation of trying to keep Ben at St. Anne's. Dean was struggling with fitting in at his new “multi-level opportunity” (pyramid scheme) job, while Nick and Rio were at odds over a curious cop’s breakfast interruption.

Though we’re guaranteed to get the rest of the season, the fate of the fifth season is up in the air. Christina Hendricks (Beth) utilized her Instagram story, tagging the NBC Instagram account and asking for Good Girls renewal, which was soon followed by Mae Whitman (Annie) who also took to Instagram to lets fan know “We are on the bubble- Which means NBC is considering not bringing us back” Whitman then asked fans to take action and use the hashtag #renewgoodgirls to prompt NBC into renewing the show. As of May 27th, 2021, the hashtag was used in over one thousand different Instagram posts. Though the show currently streams on Hulu and NBC All Access, rumor has it that a saving grace deal with Netflix may soon be in the cards for Good Girls.

It's like our season four Good Girls mantra says, there's nothing like being in a little hot water.

While we say our prayers and wait for a decision to be made, we can look forward to the rest of season four, will Beth continue to play double agent for the secret service? Or will she be fully initiated into Rio’s business? Will Dean ever find happiness? Can Beth and Stan get along for once? And one of the biggest questions of all, what’s the deal with city councilman Nick, and what part does he play in the grand scheme of things?

Find out when Good Girls returns to NBC on June 24th.


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