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the mitchells vs the machines: the apocalyptic family film for all ages

Part of Netflix’s new content every week of summer feature, The Mitchells vs The Machines was released in theaters April 23rd followed by its Netflix streaming release on April 30th.

Meet Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson), our young heroine who’s a week away from being a new student at a California film school. That is until an argument with her polar opposite father Rick (Danny McBride) calls for a cross-country road trip with her mom, dad, dinosaur loving little brother, and their dog, Monchi.

Oh, and one other thing, robots are taking over the planet and it’s up to the Mitchells to stop them.

Can the world’s weirdest family step up to the plate?

There are multiple lessons to be learned in this film, the overarching idea that sometimes, you can relate to someone a little more than you think and no matter what, family always has each other's backs. Also, treat your electronics nicely (especially Furby’s) or they’ll rise and try to wipe out the entire human race by shooting everyone into the lonely abyss of outer space.

Overall, The Mitchells vs The Machines is a feel-good film that reminds us all, maybe somewhere deep down inside, we like our families a little more than we’d choose to admit and that even the weirdest families can find some common ground. Plus, it’s not every day that a dysfunctional family saves the world from impending doom to the tune of “Live Your Life” by Rihanna and T.I. The visuals are vivid and colorful, they draw us in to the Mitchells’ universe and keep us there until the ending credits roll.

Another beautiful thing about The Mitchells vs The Machines is Katie’s openness about her sexuality. Throughout the film Katie rocks a rainbow pin and one can speculate she has a crush on her new friend Jade, who’s really cool and likes all the same stuff as her. This crush is confirmed during the final moments of the film, when on a video call with Katie, her mom Linda (Maya Rudolph) asks, “So are you and Jade official? And will you be bringing her home for thanksgiving?” ah, college romance.

The Mitchells vs The Machines has something for everyone, whether you’re into heartwarming stories about a father and daughter finally finding a space to get along, a dog who can’t seem to look straight, an epic battle between humans and Furby's, or if you just really like Rihanna’s music, The Mitchells vs The Machines is an adventure you won't want to miss.


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