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The Weekend: Brutal Honesty Makes For Great Comedy

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Now available for streaming on Hulu, Stella Meghie’s The Weekend is a comedy starring SNL’s Sasheer Zamata as Zadie, a caustic comedian that finds herself on an awkward getaway with her ex-boyfriend Bradford (Tone Bell) and his new girlfriend, Margo (Dewanda Wise). The Weekend is certainly more mature and runs slower in comparison to Meghie’s last film, Everything, Everything. Originally released in 2018, Meghie’s screenplay is filled with dark comedy and relatable moments that truly showcases her versatile talent as a writer and director.

Zadie is a self-deprecating comedian who relies on her unsuccessful dating life to conjure laughs during her stand-up performances. Zadie’s humor is dark and honest. Throughout the film, Zadie’s witty comments create awkward atmospheres that strikes entertainment gold. The audience is left laughing as Zadie’s humor leaves the film’s supporting characters speechless.

The basic plot creates an ideal situation for Zadie’s self-deprecating jokes to shine. Zadie and Bradford have established a seemingly successful friendship; however, it only takes a few minutes for the film to reveal that there is unsolved tension between the two characters. Bradford invites Margo, his girlfriend of two years to join the weekend getaway. Margo’s presence complicates the dynamic and Zadie takes every opportunity to make statements that create hilariously awkward scenes.

Aubrey (Y’lan Noel) is introduced early into the film as a single and attractive gentleman. He arrives at the bed-and-breakfast without company. Aubrey quickly assimilates into the group dynamic—making the love triangle into an awkwardly-shaped square. At first, Aubrey acts as another target for Zadie’s relentless commentary. As the film enters into progression; however, Aubrey becomes Zadie’s not-so-tragic love interest.

Sasheer Zamata certainly stands out in the cast. The SNL star showcases her roots as a comedian in her performance as Zadie. She delivers the film’s best lines in monotone, which in many ways increases its amusement. Zamata is brilliantly hilarious in her first leading-role and makes Zadie’s occupation as a stand-up comedian more than believable.

The film remains surface-level throughout the progression of the plot. Although it is made obvious that Zadie masks her pain in comedy, it is never explored deep enough to clearly recognize what thoughts float around in Zadie’s mind. Therefore, the film thrives as a light comedy. Zadie does wonders to bring laughter to the audience, making her an easy like-able and enjoyable character to watch on screen.

The Weekend is the perfect film to help you wind down. Its humor will laugh you right out of your stress. If you enjoy romantic comedies, this one will out-do your expectations. Take my advice, stream The Weekend on Hulu!


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