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Resources for Aspiring Diverse Filmmakers

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

There are many resources out there that will help aspiring filmmakers. These are just a couple of resources and programs we think you should know about. Visit our Resources page for a collection of resources and programs to help you along your creative journey.

The HBOACCESS Writing fellowship gives writers from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to develop a script for HBO. 8 writers are selected to take a Master Class in Santa Monica and are paired with an HBO executive that will mentor them over the course of 10 months. Over these 10 months, projects will continue to be workshopped and networking skills will be taught to the chosen fellows. Any writer that has a diverse background and is over the age of 21 is eligible to apply. The HBOACCESS Directing Fellowship application opens February 2020 and is held every other year. Three directors are chosen to direct the pilots that were created during the Writing Fellowship.

This program provides access to aspiring directors to television episodic directing. The participants are able to shadow those who are veterans of the DGA (Directors Guild of America). Not only will they be able to shadow veterans of the DGA, participants will also meet with Sony Creative Executives. They will also attend guest speaker events and be in an intense directing workshop.

This program provides the opportunity for artists to move forward. It is a 6 day program at the Sundance resort in Utah that gives writers the chance to workshop their original pilot script while developing their pitching and writing skills.

This is an in person program has a pitch day where films are chosen and guests, including investors, financial institutions, sales agents, production and distribution, filmmakers, producers, and other members of the independent film community. These films are going to be pitched by diverse filmmakers who are working on their first feature.

This is a 5 week workshop where spec script and mock writers room will be created by 10 writers. This workshop is also led by NBC VP of Script Development, Geoff Harris and takes place in Sherman Oaks, CA. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to apply.

This program pairs someone from the industry with a diverse creative. This person mentors the aspiring filmmaker as they make their short film. These short films are then shown on the Hello Lab channel on DIRECTV.


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