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Resources for Beginner Screenwriters

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Many screenwriters who are beginners ask themselves this question: Where do I start?

There are many resources out there to help if you are a beginner screenwriter. Here is a list of resources:

This free software will help you format your screenplay and even allow you to collaborate with others on a script.

The Script Lab (

This resource is great for those who want to read up on tips to help polish up that script. This resource provides information about other screenwriters and insights on renowned writers and their scripts.

This youtube channel takes screenplays and dissects them in detailed videos. This resource will help inspire you through other screenwriters on how these screenplays were successful.

No Film School (

Many beginner filmmakers and screenwriters alike use this resource! Not only does No Film School provide help on your beginner skills through articles and even boards where you can have discussions.

Screenwriting Info (

This e-book will give you the basics of what a screenplay is and even tell you how to format it correctly. This resource is perfect for those who are trying to get through a first rough draft.

This is great for beginner screenwriters! There are e-courses you can look into to learn the basics of screenwriting quickly: From writing a TV pilot to learning how to market your screenplay.

Need inspiration? Reading famous screenplays can help you get an idea on what you should write. This could be really helpful especially if you want to write, but have no direction yet.

There are many other resources out on the internet that are helpful for beginner screenwriters. It’s just a matter of finding them! Good luck to all screenwriters attempting to write their first draft.


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